I am a sports photographer with a degree in digital advertising. I have expertise from years of working in collegiate and professional sports with some of the biggest brands in the world. I have gained experience working with various cameras and rigging remote cameras in many situations. I also have experience working with photo organizational programs like Photo Mechanic and Photoshelter. With my experience and knowledge, I am confident I can fill anyone's photography needs,  help you navigate the creative industry, and build a brand for anyone.
My Story
My mom gave me a camera from a young age to distract me on family vacations. I got serious about photography in high school by working in the newspaper and yearbook programs. 
As a freshman in college, I reached out to the student newspaper when I Arrived at LSU. Sports quickly became the only assignment I took, and as I continued to work, I became the Multimedia Editor for the paper. I was at almost every game of the LSU National Championship run in 2019, highlighted by the Alabama and National Championship games. ​​​​​​​
After the Championship season ended, I jumped to work for the Athletic Department. I worked as a student photographer in LSU Athletics for nearly three years and built many connections with SEC Creatives. For my final semester of college, I worked with the Track & Field Team, where I traveled with them to indoor and outdoor nationals. My last event with the track team was to cover the athletes who made it to USATF Championships.
After Graduating, I received an opportunity to work at the University of Missouri to work as a Staff Photographer. I covered anything they needed, adding Wrestling to my list of sports. I traveled with the Men's Basketball Team to SEC Championships and covered a historic March Madness for Mizzou. Along with my photography responsibilities, I revamped their photo storage system and processes for distributing photos during games. I also managed a team of students and freelance photographers to ensure someone covered every event appropriately. 
After nine months in Missouri, an opportunity to move home and work for the San Diego Padres was hard to turn down. I am currently working in a seasonal role assisting the team photographer in any capacity they need. Some of my significant responsibilities include coverage of pregame ceremonies and periodically sending photos throughout every game. ​​​​​​​
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