These are some of my highlights from July 2020-July 2021. I worked under the pandemic rules; however, I could still produce some great images. The highlights include some photos from LSU Sporting events and some pictures from my time off from school and work. 
Sports Photos
Here are some of my best images from the LSU 2020-2021 Season. The 2020-2021 Sports season brought many new challenges but also brought opportunities. Waking up early for my weekly covid test and shooting from the stands became a routine for me. In the fall semester, I photographed the LSU Football Championship Rings, And in the spring, I was able to travel with Track and field. Towards the end of the spring semester, things finally began to get back to normal. 
Portrait Work
Although the pandemic put a pause on portraits, I was ready when the time came to start shooting with friends again. I spent my quarantine playing Warzone and watching photography videos on youtube, so I could not wait to shoot when I could finally get out of the house. Here are some favorites from the past year of shooting. 
From the Beaches to the mountains, I visited some incredible locations that made photographing them easy throughout the year. 
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